Collaborating on Stories

How to use the Stories collaboration and review tools

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Stories can be collaborated on by both frontline / end-users, as well as content editors and managers.

In this article, you will learn how to:

Using Creator Guidance

Creator Guidance is a tool that allows content editors and managers to communicate specific shots, instructions or context to a Creator user in the Universal App.

To use Creator Guidance, select the Creator Guidance icon (middle in the editing tool bar) and type your guidance for the Creator in the mobile app.

Creators can view step guidance by selecting in the Universal App.

Tip! Use guidance to communicate shot lists to mobile creators

Collaborating between Creators and content editors

Stories can be collaborated on between both mobile Creators and content editors. This is especially useful when communicating shot lists to mobile users to create content.

To collaborate on a story with a Creator, select Settings and Invite Collaborators. Enter their name or email address in the search field to collaborate with them.

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