Managing Stories

Using Creator and other editing tools to manage Stories

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Stories are a standardized content type in Smart Access. They are comprised of short videos and/or images that are sequenced together to communicate a process or task.

In this collection, you will learn how to:

Creating and Publishing Stories

Stories can be comprised of video created in Stories Creator in the Universal App, or by importing images or video into the portal.

To create a new story in the portal, select Create Stories in the top right of the Manage Stories tab.

Add videos or images to a step-through drag and drop.

Select the desired folder and insert the video in appropriate step.

While stories supports both portrait and landscape video and images, we suggest being aware of the end-user experience and the natural device orientation.

Tip! Keep your story to a consistent orientation to avoid users having to rotate their device in the same piece of content.

Each step can contain up to 140 characters of text that will display in the lower third when played in the Universal App. An optional Hide during playback can be selected to hide the text during playback, however it will still be visible when the user swipes up for steps.

Tip! Add the title for story before saving

Stories can be saved throughout creation and published when done. Stories Creators, Content Editors, Managers or Admins can Save or Publish by selecting the appropriate button in the top right navigation. Users with both Creator and Editor permissions can publish from Stories Creator in the Universal App.

The save button will be reactivated if any changes are made and the article will be in Unpublished status. The article can be moved from Published/Unpublished Edits to Draft, Delete Unpublished Edits of content, and Return the content to the last Published state.

Editing Tools


Videos can be replaced by selecting the Replace icon (First left in the editing bar) and drag and drop the video from any selected folder or insert the video by Selecting it from the desired folder.


Videos can be trimmed by selecting the Trim icon (second left in the editing bar) and dragging the start and endpoints to the desired position. Select Trim to save the step or Cancel to undo. Trimmed steps will not overwrite the original file and can be modified at any time.

More Editing Tools


Steps can be cloned by selecting the far right Duplicate option (first in more options). Content that is cloned will retain the original file and can be further edited in cloned steps.

Tip! Cloning steps can be especially useful in splicing larger videos into stories format. Upload the video in the first step, trim to the appropriate start- and end-points, clone and use the selector tool to quickly create a new start-point from where you left off.

Reorder Steps

Steps can be reordered by selecting the Reorder steps icon (third in more options) and dragging and dropping to the appropriate position.

Delete a Step

Steps can be deleted by selecting the Delete icon (last in more options).

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