Job Function Groups

Using Job Function groups to organize your content

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Job Function Groups (different than task groups) can be used to further organize complex sets of Job Functions for frontline users from within the project. When used, Job Functions will be grouped accordingly in the Library and other applicable views in the mobile app.

In this article you will learn how to:

Creating Job Function Groups

To create Job Function Groups, select Manage Groups in the Job Functions tab, enter the name of the group and select Add Group.

Tip! Job Function groups are a great way to curate content related to a process or department

Assigning Job Functions to Groups

To assign a Job Function group, open the Job Function settings and select the desired group.

Sorting Job Function Groups

Sorting Job Function groups gives you more flexibility into how Job Functions are displayed in the Universal App.

To sort groups, drag and drop the groups into the desired order. Once dropped, the group will save automatically.

View Groups in the Universal App

Job Functions and groups can be viewed in the Universal App by navigating to the Library. If Job Function Groups are used, the index will be sorted and labeled accordingly

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