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Learn how to manage your users with the User Management role-based permission

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In this article, you will learn how to:

Edit/Update a User

  • To make changes to your users, you must first open the Project Admin view in the portal. You can do so by clicking the button Project Admin.

  • Search and Select the user.

  • "+User group" will provide the list of user groups and change the user group as required. This will automatically inherit all the permissions required for that user group.

Remove User

If you need to remove a user from the project, begin by searching the user's name in the search bar and selecting their name. Use the "Remove User" button and the user will be removed.

Add an Existing User

If you need to add a user to the project, begin by searching the user's name in the search bar and if the user is existing, you will see that user in the other organization section. Use the "Add" button and select the user group, Available Location and Primary location.

Filtering Users

You can filter a user based on their project, location and/or status in Smart Access. Use these filters to isolate inactive users, view users from a specific location, etc.

Download User List

The user list can be easily exported using the "Download User List" button.

Note: User Management users only can edit the users only at their available locations.

Adding Job Functions to users

You can assign the Job Functions directly from the user management by editing the user and selecting the Job Functions from the list.

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