Provisioning refers to the process of activating and associating content or actions to Smart Access QR or NFC triggers.

Only users with the role-based permission 'Provision' are be able to create or modify provisioned tags in the mobile application.

Provisioning Triggers

Open the Smart Access app and navigate to Account and Set up Tag

Select the trigger type, either NFC or QR, and scan the trigger to continue

Note: QR triggers are a project setting and will only be visible to provision if QR is enabled in Project Settings by a Project Administrator.

Choose the location that the trigger is being provisioned to.

Note: Organization locations need to be assigned to the project in order to provision to them.

Choose the content to provision to the trigger.

Note: Any content can be provisioned to a tag, however only one item can be provisioned at this time. Should you wish to provision multiple pieces of content, we suggest you create a Moment or Job Function and curate content through those models.

Re-provisioning Triggers

To replace the content on a trigger, follow the steps above. If the content is already provisioned, you will be warned that you will overwrite the previous configuration. Content is not deleted and can be provisioned again in the future.

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