Managing Job Functions

Overview, tasks and knowledge items

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Job Functions are a standardized way to categorize content in the Smart Access app. Each job function contains grouped custom content related to a particular task, function or job to be done.

The primary table displays all Job Functions in your project, along with its status, authors and editors and high level performance.

To create a new job function, select the Create Job Function button in the upper right corner of your screen and enter the Job Function name and description. An image can be added from the media manager to display as the primary thumbnail and header image in the mobile app.

Tip! The Job Function name will be displayed throughout the application, so make it short, descriptive and actionable. Provide further context in the Description field to allow for better visibility in user-facing search and recommendations.

Managing Task and Knowledge Items

Job Functions are comprised of Tasks and Knowledge Items which are a standardized model to itemize the various actions that need to be completed in order to complete the primary Job Function.

Tasks are actionable groups of items that usually pertain to a task list a user must follow to complete a job. Tasks can have associated media files, documents or instructions to follow.

Tasks can be grouped into separate sections to communicate multi-step processes or workflows and can include long descriptions or associated media to provide further context to your frontline user.

Knowledge Items are documents that can be referenced to complete a task or work function. Types of knowledge items include pdf articles, images, videos, and more. The knowledge item section is designed to centralize documentation pertaining to the task at hand and they are displayed as a separate item within the Job Function in the mobile app.


Tip! Use Knowledge Items to call out specific or known exceptions to a task.

Next, let's learn about using Job Function Groups to better organize your content in the Universal App.

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